Rat Skin 2017
"The Little Golden Book Years"

(please let us know if you want to come)
What is Rat Skin?

Rat Skin... is basically Dragon Skin in reverse. Venturers set up and run interesting and challenging bases for Leaders, Rovers and other adults. The Venturers are responsible for every aspect of the weekend except how the adults camp, so the adults get to unwind and relax (after the Venturers have their way with them). It is also a static camp, bring the comfy bed.

When is Rat Skin?

23th and 24th of September 2016
Bases open 9.00am Saturday and close 12.00pm Sunday
Base camp move in on Friday evening, please feel free to get set up early and get a good nights sleep, or arrive Saturday morning and set up when you can.
The closing date has been extended to the 3rd of September. This means that all paperwork needs to be received by this date. If this is not possible, let us know of your intentions ASAP. 50 points will be awarded if applications are received by 14th August.

Where is Rat Skin?

We are heading to Camp Canobolas for this year's camp! Come and see one of The Golden West Regions campsites. Google Map.

Who are we?

Rat Skin is a Golden West Region event to which everyone in Scouting is invited. Venturers from units in the Golden West Region form the Rat Skin Committee and from there organise the event with a little guidance from a couple of leaders.

Who can come?

All adults involved in Scouting (Leader, parent, rover, helper) are invited to form a team of 4 to 6 or 7 and experience a weekend of activities organised just for them. Every Venturer unit is invited to bring along a couple of bases relevant to this year's theme and give our older scouting friends a weekend to remember.

"Childhood Favourats - The Little Golden Book Years"

How many Little Golden Books have you read? Rat Skin this year is all about our "Favourite Childhood Story Books". The scope is huge and the possible stories only limited by your imagination. Please email us your ideas as soon as you think of them so that we can confer and make sure everyone does something different.

What does it cost?

$15 covers you for Rat Skin Badge, camping fees and expenses related to the Saturday night activity.

Who to talk to.

Grace Wright 0457 240 442 Venturers or
Leigh Williamson 02 6369 0653 Leaders
Email the Rat Skin Committee (the leaders responsible also get these)

The paperwork eh?

We've squeezed all of the necessary forms into one easy to download ratskin forms zip file. Please email us or call if you have any problems downloading the forms or understanding which ones you need to fill in. Could every Adult who is not an Appointed Leader or registered member of Scouts Australia please provide a Working With Children number with their E1 application form. [The letter from the Office of the Childrens Guardian can be attached if you like]

. NOTE !

This year, as a service exercise, all Teams and Bases are asked if they could bring along a Little Golden Book (or any child’s book) to be donated to a book charity.

Competition time – There'll be a prize to the Team and Base who donates the most books!!

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