Minnamurra Scout Camp


To reach Minnamurra Camp, from Dubbo, take the Narromine Road. When starting from Railway Line crossing 24kms distance to Brummagen Creek Road, then turn left on Brummagen Road, then travel along the road for another 2.89kms until it takes you to a Railway over pass, then go under and up slight rise to a road veering off to the left, which will go over a creek with no water, continue on this Road until you come to a gate which is locked. From the gate, it is 3.35kms to the Campsite.


The Minnamurra campsite is located 32km west of Dubbo.


Minnamurra has a bush kitchen setup with two seperate covered areas. It has a large bush camping area. The campsite also has toilets and showers available.

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