Summer Camp 2021

Event Info:
  • 2-8th January 2022
  • Camp Canobolas
  • Various – see below

CLOSING DATE: 10th NOVEMBER 2021 - NO extensions!

The Why..

Over the past 3 years, we have seen so many events cancelled, firstly to bushfires and then to Covid-19. Many Scouts have been disappointed time and time again. They have missed out on major camps, Cuboree 2020, CBR Moot in 2020, OZ Venture in 2021 and AJ2022. They have missed out on international camps, interstate camps and many experiences of a lifetime. We wanted to try and give an experience of our own to these amazing Scouts who are unfortunately missing out because of a pandemic.


Time Warp Summer Camp is going to be based around all the camps put together. It will be an all section camp that will run for 7 days. Scouts, Venturers and Rovers will attend for 7 days, Cubs for 5 days and Joeys for 3 days. The 3 older sections will get to go on a 2 day expedition of their choosing while the Cubs and Joeys have a day or two to have a blast at camp. Then on the Friday, all sections will be in attendance, having a once in a lifetime experience.

We are going to hopefully bring smiles, memories and the beginning of lifelong friendships over the course of the week. We will need everyone’s help to make this exciting camp one to remember. We are the first region ever to try something like this on this scale. I hope everyone jumps in for an amazing ride through the TIME WARP!

Base Camp

Base camp is the Canobolas Scout Camp. Everyone will get to spend at least 2 days doing on-site activities, making their way through the TIME WARP. At night, the party gets started with amazing night time activities and loads of laughs! We will have activities that are not for the fainthearted - pioneering, canoeing, rafting, caving, hiking, swimming and a possible escape room. There will also be opportunities to use the creative mind, the scientific mind and the "dance like no one's watching" mind. There will be something for everyone!


Costings are split due to different sections being at camp on different days

Joey Scouts (Thursday 6th AM to Saturday 8th AM) $200
Joey Parents (Thursday 6th AM to Saturday 8th AM) $155

Cub Scouts (Tuesday 4th PM to Saturday 8th AM) $250

Scouts (Sunday 2nd PM to Saturday 8th AM) $380

Venturer Scouts (Sunday 2nd PM to Saturday 8th AM) $380

Camp Leaders (1st January to 9th January) $300
Activity Leaders (Sunday 2nd PM to Saturday 8th AM) $280
Leaders attending Expeditions (Sunday 2nd PM to Saturday 8th PM) $300
Leaders (Day rate) $50/day


On day 3 and 4 Scouts and Venturers will be embarking on expeditions of their chosing. These are still being finalised at the moment and apart from the two visits to other major cities (Sydney and Canberra), all costs are included in the Scout/Venturer cost. The two city visits will incur a small extra fee. The camp application will also list the options and ask the Scouts and Venturers for their preferences so we can try our hardest to give the youth members their first choice. Options may include hiking (both beginner and advanced), canoeing, canyoning and a possible trip to Sydney or Canberra.
Please check back here regularly for more information

Questions or Suggestions

Any questions or suggestions in relation to the camp, structure or activities, please feel free to call Leigh Williamson (Camp Chief) on 0418 785 936 or email any of the organising committee on the emails below.

Leigh Williamson (Camp Chief) -
Gary Jonassen (Expeditions) -
Charli Hills (Activities) -
Jacinta Heaton (Finance) -
Ben Williamson (Administration) -
Kellie Molloy (Welfare) -
Gavin Arnold (Region Commissioner - TGW) -